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Dr. Jamie Bennett Named a 2022 Re-Envisioning Foster Care in America (REFCA) Champion!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Jamie Bennett, co-founder and Executive Director of Cetera, Inc. and Senior Trainer for the Fostering Success Coaching Institute, for being named a 2022 Re-Envisioning Foster Care In America Champion (REFCA)! REFCA recognizes visionary leaders who are transforming the way we care for youth living in foster care by creating stellar strategies that cultivate hope and sustainable solutions. As an REFCA Champion, Dr. Bennett is working diligently to change a system that she experienced. You can listen to Dr. Bennett's Innovate! podcast episode, on which she talks with other REFCA champions about the importance of relationships for youth in foster care.

Dr. Bennett has a decade of experience in direct practice, training, and consulting for organizations who aim to improve outcomes for young adults leaving foster care. She holds a doctorate in educational program development, bachelor's and master’s degree in social work, and a coaching certification through the International Coach Federation.

She has coached dozens of college students from foster care and led the Fostering Success Coach Training, developing curriculum and providing training to hundreds of education and child welfare professionals working with students from foster care in several states. Dr. Bennett also provides consulting to non-profit and government systems related to youth engagement, coaching, and best-practices to increase resilience and well-being among youth. As a research practitioner and alumna of the foster care system, she is dedicated to bridging research related to youth and student engagement to practical application for front-line youth supporters to improve outcomes for youth from foster care. Her research and practice foci are youth engagement, practice strategies to increase engagement with youth, and coaching strategies for people who have experience in foster care.

Dr. Bennett is a founding member of Foster Scholars , a community of scholars with lived experience in foster care committed to transforming the narrative and outcomes for college going foster youth through practice, research and advocacy.

Dr. Bennett spent seven years in kinship foster care as a teenager. During that time, she experienced several lasting and transformational relationships, including with her case manager and extended family. Because of this experience, she has dedicated her career to increasing access to transformational relationships for youth living in foster care.

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