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About Us

Learn more about who we are, what we aim to accomplish, and the wonderful people that make up our team.

Organizational Vision & Objectives

Young people who age out of foster care will be connected to a broad network of organizations, supportive adults, and peers who will increase opportunities that promote well-being.


  1. Cultivate relationships with community stakeholders to raise awareness and increase access to resources and opportunities for transition age young people from foster care.

  2. Serve as a liaison between young people from foster care and community service providers in the areas of education, housing, transportation, and supportive relationships.

  3. Support basic living needs of young people from foster care by providing access to resources such as personal care products, school supplies for post-secondary education opportunities, and essential household goods.


  1. Young people from foster care are the experts of their own experiences, needs, and goals.

  2. Young people-adult partnerships are required for successful long-term outcomes for young people leaving foster care.

  3. Transformational relationships, both professional and personal, are required for the well-being of young people leaving foster care.

  4. Community collaboration is required for sustainable strategies that promote well-being for young people leaving foster care.

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