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Kathleen Holt-Whyte

Senior Youth Engagement Consultant

Kathleen Holt-Whyte

Kathleen Holt-Whyte has over 20 years of experience in leadership training and coaching. She has partnered with the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative as a national consultant since 2005 providing technical assistance including youth/adult partnership training, leadership development, speaker coaching and the development of advocacy toolsKathleen was part of the design team for the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative Young Fellows process that partners with young people to build leadership and advocacy skills to help inform strategies and recommendations for improving child welfare systems. Her holistic approach to coaching includes a values-based foundation with a focus on navigating change. She has served as lead facilitator for national convenings, including the National Youth Engagement Summit and the annual Youth Leadership Institute (YLI). Kathleen’s corporate experience includes 10 years at Hallmark Cards, Inc. as a community affairs specialist, national trainer and human resource professional specializing in organization re-design. She received a gubernatorial appointment to the Missouri Training and Employment Council and worked to address state employment disparities. She has a degree in communications, a master’s degree in human resource development, and has published articles on Leadership, Values-Based Living, and Career & Change Management. She has served as curriculum designer, facilitator and coach for Lockheed Martin’s nationally recognized Information Technology Apprenticeship program for high school students with opportunities for an associate level degree and full time employment. Kathleen is currently pursuing a coaching certification. In her spare time Kathleen enjoys time with her family, keynote speaking, beach moments and volunteering.

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