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Jody Pike

Wisdom Council

Jody Pike

Jody Pike is a hardworking leader, advocate, and mother to her beautiful 4-year-old daughter.  She is also a recent graduate of St. Petersburg College with an Associate Degree in Nursing, graduating with a 3.15 GPA. At 25 years old, Jody graduated from college and has accrued nearly 6 years of experience in the construction field, all while raising a child. Jody was consistently praised by professors and peers academically and professionally for her communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Jody believes that having just one person in your corner can change your life. She grew up in the system most of her life and the most important thing she learned is to never give up on herself. Jody wants to strongly advocate for the resources to the transitioning foster care community be lengthened.

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