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Cynthia McGuigan

Board Director

Cynthia McGuigan

Cynthia McGuigan entered the Massachusetts foster care system at the age of 12, living in five foster homes during her care.  Cynthia, aged out of care, pregnant, and without support or viable options, was coerced to place her son for adoption. Cynthia volunteered for the American Adoption Congress for over ten years to elevate the voices of those marginalized in the foster and adoption community through education and testifying for Open Birth records. In her 12-year term, she served as President, Treasurer, and Conference Chair.  Cynthia received the AAC President's Award during her term for her dedication to the organization. 

In her professional career, Cynthia has been employed at Harvard University for over 33 years as a financial analyst. During her career, she returned to college to obtain her B.S. from Fisher College in 2012. Upon completing her B.S., Cynthia challenged the skeptics of her youth and enrolled in her first Harvard University course. Cynthia graduated from Harvard University in 2020 with an ALM (master’s degree) with a concentration in psychology. Cynthia’s coursework and research focused on positive psychology's benefits in addressing trauma and childhood experiences. Cynthia is currently the accounting manager for the Massachusetts Bankers Association. Cynthia is also a Certified Reinvention, Worthily, and H.A.I.L. coach and a Certified Grief educator. 

As a former foster youth, Cynthia considers family to be everything. Cynthia, with her husband Jim, raised three daughters. Cynthia is also the proud grandmother of three granddaughters.

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