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Bobbi Taylor

Associate Youth Engagement Consultant

Bobbi Taylor

Bobbi is a consultant in many spaces including, Think of Us and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and Cetera. Her lived experience in the Child Welfare and intersecting systems allow her to center lived experience in all streams of work locally and nationally. She serves on the local, national, and executive team for Thriving Families Safer Children, and is also co-leading efforts of lived experience engagement across many jurisdictions. Bobbi has played an integral role in policy and legislation recommendations, presented as an expert in topics such as power sharing, authentic engagement and partnership, healthy relationships, and co-designing with lived experience partners. Her leadership has allowed many spaces to center youth and lived experience partners in all facets of the work, including program implementation, prevention and community well-being strategies and continues to aid the true movement toward transformation of systems to better serve communities and youth. Additionally she is currently working on a BA in sociology, and is a mother to four amazing children.

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