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Victor Sims

Board Director

Victor Sims

Victor Sims grew up in Florida’s foster care system without the stability of a permanent home and supportive family prior to his adoption in 2007. Mr. Sims works at SailFuture in St.Petersburg, Florida, and is active as an advocate for children in foster care. From his work helping to improve children’s experiences when they are removed from their parents to his TEDx Talk on the importance of social capital for youth in care, Mr. Sims is focused on bringing about positive changes to the foster care system.

Mr. Sims travels throughout Florida and the country speaking to legislators about creating reform for youth in care. He has advocated for a bill of rights for children in foster care as well as efforts to ensure that every child has a plan for permanency. In addition to serving on the National Foster Youth and Alumni Policy Council and he has met with legislators in support of the Family First Prevention Services Act. In June 2019, he was recognized by the American Bar Association as a Reunification Hero. Victor shares his experiences to ensure that children have a chance for reunification and beyond. He was recognized this year as 2020 Casey Excellence for Children Award as an Alumni in care.

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